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  • Why we are so lit???

Why we are so lit???

Meet Our Founder

The Brand

Shenelled It! is a fragrance line of handmade products made by a veteran to help others relax through fragrance. Each fragrance is named after an expression that many can relate to. A scentful expression that is, of a word or phrase that is used to express a thought or an emotion. Shenelled It! strives to create these products that captures the expressions through a fragrance and gives you that feeling when you smell the sensuous aromas. 


Love Again is Aaaaamazing! I love the smell of this candle. It smells soft, light, fresh and clean. I will definitely buy again!


I love the Love Again candle.  I light it every night to as I prepare for bed.  The scent of coconut lime helps the worries of the day fade away.  The candle burns very smooth and smell amazing.

I also have the Lavender smudge stick.  It was so pretty I didn’t even want to light it.  I light it and smudge my room once a week and it bring the relaxing smell of lavender to ever corner of the room. 

Shenelled it! Never disappoints! 


Just wanted to tell you how amazing your candles are and we're so enjoying them.
Just placed my second order and plan on sharing with others as gifts.

Denise M. 10/14/21

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